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Capitulo 2: "La abuela excéntrica" 1. ¿Dónde llevaba Alex la mayoria de su dinero? (16) 2. ¿En qué estado de los EEUU vive la familia de Alex? (16) 3. ¿Estaba Kate Cold en el aeropuerto para saludar a Alex? (17) 4. Varios años antes, ¿qué habla puesto Kate en los chocolates que les dio a sus nietos? 5. Describe las historias que Kate les contaba a los nietos cuando eran niños. (18) 6. ¿Qué estación era en este capitulo? (19) 7. ¿A quién conoció Alex en la parada de autobuses? (20/21) 8. Era la chica en la parada de autobuses mayor o menor que Alex? (20) 9. ¿Qué queria hacerse (become) la chica? (21) 10. ¿Por qué tendria que bajar la chica del autobús? (22) 11. ¿Qué es una cosa que habla dentro de la bolsa de la chica? (22) 12. ¿Dónde y cuando se hablan conocido Alex y Cecila Burns? (23) 13. ¿Qué son los dos talentos de Alex? (23) 14. ¿Quién pagó el pasaje de la chica? (23)

1. Where did Alex usually store his money? (16) 2. In which state does Alex's family reside in the United States? (16) 3. Was Kate distant towards Alex when she greeted him at the airport? (17) 4. What was the ingredient that Kate had added to the chocolates she had given to her grandchildren several years ago? (18) 5. Could you describe the stories that Kate used to tell her grandchildren when they were young? (18) 6. Which season was depicted in this chapter? (19) 7. Whom did Alex meet at the bus stop? (20/21) 8. Was the girl that Alex met at the bus stop younger or older than him? (20) 9. What was the girl's aspiration? (21) 10. Why would the girl need to disembark the bus early? (22) 11. What was the thing that could speak inside the girl's bag? (22) 12. When and where did Alex first encounter Cecilia Burns? (23) 13. What are the two skills that Alex possesses? (23) 14. Who covered the girl's ticket fare? (23)

What are some popular characters in American comic books and comic strips? How do they reflect social values and depict society?

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Write 5 Spanish sentences (commands) telling your little brother what to do. Be sure to use 5 different verbs. For example, you might tell him to clean his room, eat his dinner, brush his teeth, etc.

1. Limpia tu habitación. 2. Come tu cena. 3. Cepilla tus dientes. 4. Estudia para tu examen. 5. Duerme temprano.

How can you ask a classmate to do an activity with you on Saturday?

  • Do you want to come with me to the museum on Saturday?
  • Would you like to join me for an event on Saturday?
  • Are you interested in doing something with me on Saturday?

Yes, I'd like to go with you.

Select the correct answer. Which of these parts of a vehicle is used to increase its speed? A. el vidrio trasero y delantero B. las luces delanteras y las traseras C. el maletero y el tablero de mandos D. la palanca de cambio y el acelerador

D. la palanca de cambio y el acelerador

¿Qué debo hacer cuando me duele la garganta al tragar, pero no tengo fiebre?

Based on your symptoms, it's likely that your tonsils are inflamed. I recommend taking an anti-inflammatory and seeing an otolaryngologist as soon as possible. Explanation: It appears that the cause of your discomfort is inflammation of the tonsils, which can lead to pain and difficulty swallowing. To address this issue, it's recommended to take an anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Additionally, it's important to schedule an appointment with an otolaryngologist, or ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor, to receive a proper diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment.

Which situation is related to the vocabulary used in the audio?

  • Susana got pulled over for speeding.
  • Susana needs to learn how to use a car jack.
  • Susana tells her daughter to turn off her phone while driving.
  • Susana wears her seat belt when driving and when she is a passenger.


Create a plan for your survey about food and drinks preferences using question words and common vocabulary. Use the writing template to organize your survey, and write using complete sentences. Answer for yourself in the yo form of the verb, select a friend to survey and answer in the él/ella form. Complete La plantilla antes de escribir: una encuesta and review your survey for grammar and vocabulary errors. Turn in your completed template.

Create a plan for conducting a survey about food and drink preferences using common vocabulary and question words such as like, have, want, prefer, and use. Utilize the writing template to organize your survey, and answer the questions using complete sentences in the yo form if answering for yourself and él/ella form if surveying a friend. Review your work for correct grammar and vocabulary in Spanish before turning in the completed template.

What is one way to practice your "Greeting" vocabulary with a native Spanish speaker?

Meeting and introducing yourself to a native Spanish speaker under adult supervision.

Write a paragraph in Spanish, using complete sentences to give your best friend directions from your house to your school using the vocabulary and instructions provided. Your paragraph should include the first turn at a traffic signal and the final destination with a preposition.

Friend, para llegar a la escuela, debes girar a la izquierda en el semáforo y luego la escuela está a la derecha del restaurante.