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What is the difference between a residential and sustainable architect

As an educator, I would like to clarify the concepts of sustainable architecture and organic architecture for you. Sustainable architecture is a technical philosophy that aims to minimize a building's impact on its environment throughout its lifespan. It involves the use of environmentally-friendly materials and energy-efficient technology. On the other hand, organic architecture is a broader design philosophy that emphasizes a building's harmonious relationship with its surroundings. This approach was pioneered by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed that a building should look as though it grew naturally out of its environment. His ideas were a precursor to modern-day sustainable design principles. While the two concepts are related, they are different in their focus and goals. It would be an interesting topic for debate to analyze to what extent FLW's organic architecture is sustainable.

What is the initial step in creating a charcoal drawing?


What is bhakti? a. A type of devotional art that depicts the Buddha on large hand-woven panels b. A Hindu manuscript c. A Hindu devotional movement d. A scroll-like painting of Hindu gods Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D.


What are the characteristics of the French ars nova rondeau?

The characteristics of the French ars nova rondeau are: The Eight lines of poetry; Two phrases, a and b; A refrain that comes back at the end.

What are the differences between the Javanese and the Western scale system? Explain the pelog and slendro tuning systems and their application in gamelan music.

The Javanese scale system comprises a five-tone and a seven-tone scale with irregular intervals, which differs from the tones of Western scale system. Pelog and slendro are two tuning systems in gamelan music, which are adopted by both Bali and Java. Each gamelan has its unique overall tune and sound, giving every instrument its tonal identity.

What are some topics related to fantasy that can be written about?


What is the term for the main theme of a fugue?


Self-perception is the _____ an individual has about the kind of ______ they are. Your self-perception is based on your ________, your physical ___________ (NOT BEAUTY), the messages you hear from ______, and your _______ about yourself and the world.

Self-perception is the image or idea an individual has about the kind of person they are. It is based on a combination of factors including experiences, physical abilities (NOT BEAUTY), messages from others, and beliefs about oneself and the world.

What did you learn from the video you watched?

The answer will vary depending on the video watched.

Which tempo is faster and played in a bouncing, light way?

  • moderato
  • andante
  • allegro
  • a tempo