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What is the name of the letter B in German?

The letter B in German is called 'be'

Choose the correct translation. I gave the man an apple. O Ich gebe dem Mann einen Apfel gehabt. O Ich habe der Mann einen Apfel gegeben. O Ich habe dem Mann einen Apfel gegeben. O Ich habe den Mann einen Apfel gegeben.

Ich habe dem Mann einen Apfel gegeben.

Choose the correct sentence that translates 'I gave the man an apple.'

  • Ich gebe dem Mann einen Apfel.
  • Ich habe der Mann einen Apfel gegeben.
  • Ich habe dem Mann einen Apfel gegeben.
  • Ich habe den Mann einen Apfel gegeben.

Ich habe dem Mann einen Apfel gegeben.

Can you guys please help me , I have a lot of problems with that. Der trocken____Aperitif, für den trocken___ Aperitit, zu dem trocken___ Aperitif, wegen des trocken __Aperitifs. 2. Alle knusprig ___Snacks, für alle knusprig __ Snacks, von allen ___knuisprig Snacks, wegen aller knusprig___Snacks. 3. Die lecker__ Torte, statt der lecker__Torte, mit der ___lecker Torte, ohne die lecker___ Torte. 4. Trotz des klein____ Buffets , das klein___ Buffet, um das klein___Buffet, vom klein ____Buffet. 5.Wir haben d___ allgemein Schulpflicht von 6 bis 16 Jahren. 2. Dies___ günstig___ Angebote erhalten Sie auch in jed___ ander___Reisebüro. 6. Dies___lang___ Film finde ich langweilig. 7. Solch__ kariert___ Hosen gefallen mir überhaupt nicht. 8. Fürd d__groß_ __Terrasse aben wir neue Gartenmöbel gekauft. 9. Dies__ neu__ Restaurant an der Ecke wurde uns wegen d___ ausgezeicht ___ Kuche empfohlen. 10. Die Wahl der Farben sagt super viel über d__ eigen ___ Charakter aus.

1) The suffix "en" usually means to become or to make something. 2) The suffix "es" usually indicates the plural form of a noun or the second person singular form of a verb in present tense. 3) The suffix "er" usually indicates someone or something that performs an action. 4) The suffix "en" can also indicate a material or substance. 5) The suffix "es" or "er" can indicate a comparative form, such as bigger, stronger, or smarter. 6) The suffix "en" can indicate a direction or position, such as deepen or straighten. 7) The suffix "en" can also indicate a causative form, such as frighten or weaken. 8) The suffix "en" can indicate a state or condition, such as soften or widen. 9) The suffix "en" can indicate a completion of an action or a state, such as lengthen or brighten. 10) The suffix "en" can indicate a reversal of an action, such as shorten or lessen.

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Due to the Ba of Omicron variant virus The rapid spread of the 5 subspecies has led to an increase in hospitalized and confirmed cases in New York State, but Huo Chu pointed out that the current infection confirmation rate in New York state is about 37 cases per 100000 people, which is still very low compared with 381 cases per 100000 people at the peak of the Omicron epidemic at the beginning of this year.

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What is the correct verb form to complete the sentence? Du _____ Französisch lernen. Aber ich will Spanisch lernen.

  • A) willst
  • B) wollen
  • C) will
  • D) wolt


Qué hacían los egipcios en la antigüedad para proteger su salud

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians had already taken steps to ensure their safety? The Egyptian civilization has been the birthplace of many innovations that are now part of our daily lives in the 21st century.

What is the origin of the Statue of Liberty in the United States?

The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States by France.

Read the question carefully and construct a complete, well-written response in German. Your answer should not be copied from a text or any other resource. Please describe your daily routine using the reflexive verbs and vocabulary you learned in this (24 points) unit. Write 10 sentences. Each sentence has to include one reflexive verb; the same verb can be used more than once, but not more than three times. (Kinda need help with this ASAP)

All right, I infer that I have attained fluency in the English and German languages. Would you kindly recount to me which reflective verbs and vocabulary you acquired in your unit, so I may fabricate sentences featuring them?