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What are the ideal attributes of soil for plant growth?

Moist and tightly packed soil is ideal for plant growth as it allows the most nutrients from the soil in when it is tight and water is also crucial to photosynthesize.

What is the recommended cooking time for chicken in the oven?

No answer needed

Will give brainliest Describe the "new international division of labor.” What role do countries at different levels of development play in this new system? How do transnational corporations take advantage of this system?

The “new international division of labor” is the increasing division of labor on a global scale where different stages of production are located in different countries. Countries at different levels of development play different roles in this system. Less developed countries are used primarily for their cheap labor and resources, while more developed countries are used for their advanced technologies and skilled labor. Transnational corporations take advantage of this system by seeking out the cheapest labor and resources in less developed countries, and then using the advanced technologies and skilled labor in more developed countries to create a full product. They can also move production to different countries depending on where it is cheapest, which allows them to maximize profits.

Define and give example of each of the cognitive milestones listed below: Object permanence. Conservation. Theory of mind.

Object permanence: An example of object permanence is when a child can search for and find a toy that has been hidden under a blanket.Conversation: An example of conversation is when a child understands that a tall, narrow glass contains the same amount of liquid as a short, wide glass, even though the appearance of the liquid changes. Theory of mind: An example of theory of mind is when a child understands that their friend may believe a false statement, even though the child knows it to be untrue.

What would be a factor that would not improve the effects of eutrophication in lakes?

Decreasing dissolved oxygen levels

Ap psychology how much time

The duration was 5 hours. Explanation: The total amount of time taken was 5 hours.

What action can the president take to try to secure policy objectives after a treaty does not receive the two-thirds majority vote required by the Constitution? How would this affect the power distribution between the House of Representatives and the Senate? How is the interaction between Congress and the president affected by the existence of social media in this scenario?

A) The president can demand the resignation or removal of cabinet officers, ambassadors, and presidential staff. B) This action would allow the president to have more control over his policy objectives, but may also lead to a power struggle between the executive and legislative branches. C) Social media can have a negative impact on the relationship between the president and Congress by disseminating false information and potentially influencing voting results.

On a timeline, which goal will be achieved to the left of the goal achieved in 25 years?

  • A. 15 years
  • B. 9 years
  • C. 12 years
  • D. 15 and 9 years


Jimin is trying to convince himself that it's ok to cheat on a test. Jimin is thinking things like, “This class is too hard. The teacher wants me to cheat! And the whole course is a waste of time. I shouldn't have to take it." Why is Jimin telling himself things like that? Group of answer choices Because Jimin is struggling with a self-fulfilling prophecy Because Jimin has developed disorganized attachment with his teacher, Mr. Suga Because Jimin is experiencing the actor-observer effect Because Jimin is feeling cognitive dissonance

Jimin is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Define the concept of life.

Explanation required.