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How are hate crimes defined and enforced in the United States?

Hate crime laws are enforced by state and local law enforcement in state and local courts. These laws vary greatly across jurisdictions. If a state or territory does not have hate crime laws, incidents can still be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What kind of certification is administered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) since 1976?

  • A) Rigorous ethics exam
  • B) Two-day comprehensive exam
  • C) Temporary certificate that is good until the candidate completes a bachelor's degree.


If a 65 KG astronaut exerts a force with a magnitude of 50 N on a satellite that she is repairing then what is the magnitude of the force that the satellite exerts on her

The magnitude of the force that the satellite exerts on the astronaut is also 50 N in the opposite direction.

What distinguishes the duties of a court of appeals judge from those of a trial court judge?

The job of a court of appeals judge mainly focuses on reviewing and revising decisions already made by trial courts, while a trial court judge presides over cases and makes initial rulings.

Which kind of organizations grew because of new deal legislation that supported and protected them?

Labor unions and agricultural cooperatives.

Who among the following would be the most appropriate candidate for homeowners insurance?

  • A) A person living in an apartment with few personal possessions
  • B) A person living in a dorm
  • C) A person having a 30-year mortgage
  • D) A person living in an assisted living facility


FILL IN THE BLANK. Kyrin is the information technology director for the police department in Newburgh, Indiana. She is responsible for purchasing and maintaining all technology-related equipment and services for the department including computers, printers, body cameras, in-car video devices, servers, and networking equipment. She often buys from CDW, a technology-related firm, and appreciates the opportunity to work with dedicated account executives who are experienced in assisting _______ accounts like the police department.

government accounts

What is the law of demand and supply all about and how does it affect the principle of equilibrium?

The law of demand and supply states that the quantity of a product demanded and the quantity supplied in a market are inversely related to its price, ceteris paribus. The principle of equilibrium states that in a market, the price will adjust until the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied. The law of demand and supply affects the principle of equilibrium by influencing the price at which the quantity demanded and quantity supplied are equal. When there is excess demand or shortage, the price will increase, and when there is excess supply, the price will decrease. The market will reach equilibrium when the price reaches a point where the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded.

What is the accurate statement about the director's right to dismiss the attorney who posted the no-smoking notice in the employee cafeteria?


What is the authentication or identity criterion, that is a condition necessary for admissibility in the Griffin v. State case?

Authentication or identity is a criterion necessary for admissibility in the Griffin v. State case, which means evidence needs to be adequate to establish a determination that the subject matter is what its proponent asserts, and that it satisfies the criterion of trustworthiness.