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the nurse is preparing to administer furosemide to a 3-year-old with a heart defect. after verifying the arm band, which is the most appropriate second identifier for the nurse to use?

Date of birth

What type of drug is Darius most likely producing based on the symptoms reptiles with gout often show?

Darius is most likely working on the medications to cure the various symptoms caused by gout in reptiles. The worst symptoms may include white to cream-colored deposits known as urate tophi and painful joints in the reptiles.

What is the appropriate action for a licensed practical nurse (LPN) who notes that the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) level of a client receiving heparin sodium via continuous intravenous infusion for deep vein thrombosis is 90 seconds when it was 30 seconds before therapy was initiated?

The LPN should promptly inform the RN about the aPTT level.

rue of false? the scope of practice for a fitness professional dictates that they can prescribe specific meal plans to clients.


What is the dosage of a cold medication for a person who weighs 180 lb if the dosage is 2 mg for every 80 lb of body weight?

The person who weighs 180 lb requires 4.5 mg of the cold medication. To calculate the dosage of the cold medication, we need to use the given formula, which is 2 mg for every 80 lb of body weight. First, we need to find out how many times 80 lb goes into 180 lb: 180 lb ÷ 80 lb = 2.25. This means that the person's weight is 2.25 times the 80 lb used in the formula. Next, we need to multiply the formula by 2.25 to find the correct dosage: 2 mg x 2.25 = 4.5 mg. Therefore, a person who weighs 180 lb requires 4.5 mg of the cold medication.

There are so many of us you will probably have a hard time seeing just one of us. I am small but i have a big job. I make compounds that build your muscles, fight disease, transports oxygen, and speed up your metabolism. What am i?.

Now, class, let's talk about blood cells. Specifically, we have the red blood cells, or RBCs, which carry hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is important because it helps transport oxygen throughout the body. In addition to that, RBCs also aid in improving metabolism and fighting against diseases. So, overall, we can see that these red blood cells are pretty crucial components in our bodies!

a client is being admitted to the psychiatric unit. she responds to some of the nurse's questions with one-word answers. her eyes are downcast and her movements are very slow. later that morning, the nurse approaches the client and asks how she feels about being in the hospital. the client does not respond verbally and continues to gaze at the floor. which action should the nurse take first?

The nurse should first assess the client's safety.

In some professions such as medicine, rehabilitation therapy, and nursing, a person becomes a gerontological specialist by first ______ and then obtaining a specially in aging

To study gerontology and then obtain a specialty in aging means a person must first gain knowledge in the aging process, and then receive additional training in caring for elderly individuals.

Where did the client get the exogenous infection?

The infection from an exogenous source comes from sources in the external environment, such as water, food, soil, or air.

What precautions should the nursing team take before administering anesthesia to a client undergoing left knee arthroscopy to avoid wrong-site surgery? Choose all that apply.

Confirm the correct client and operative site using medical records and diagnostic reports; Request that the client state their name, surgery location, and procedure verbally; Call a 'time-out' in the operating room to allow the surgeon to double-check the correct knee for making the incision; Ensure that the surgeon has designated the proper knee with a permanent marker.