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What are the characteristics of the French ars nova rondeau?


The characteristics of the French ars nova rondeau are: The Eight lines of poetry; Two phrases, a and b; A refrain that comes back at the end.

The French ars nova rondeau was a form of music and poetry that emerged in the fourteenth century in France. It was one of the formes fixes, which also included the ballade and virelai. The ars nova rondeau consisted of eight lines of poetry, along with two phrases (a and b) and a refrain that came back at the end. This form was developed from the monophonic songs of the troubadours and trouvères, and it was adapted into a musical form. Gregorian chants, on the other hand, have a more loosely structured melody that ascends and descends in steps and tiny leaps. Syllables are frequently held over a number of notes in melismatic melodies. Gregorian chants lack harmony because of their monophonic texture.