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Write 5 Spanish sentences (commands) telling your little brother what to do. Be sure to use 5 different verbs. For example, you might tell him to clean his room, eat his dinner, brush his teeth, etc.


1. Limpia tu habitación. 2. Come tu cena. 3. Cepilla tus dientes. 4. Estudia para tu examen. 5. Duerme temprano.

  • Q: What are some Spanish verbs that can be used for command sentences? A: Some examples are limpiar (clean), comer (eat), cepillar (brush), estudiar (study), and dormir (sleep).
  • Q: Can you give 5 different commands in Spanish using these verbs for my little brother? A: 1. Limpia tu habitación. (Clean your room.) 2. Come tu cena. (Eat your dinner.) 3. Cepilla tus dientes. (Brush your teeth.) 4. Estudia para tu examen. (Study for your exam.) 5. Duerme temprano. (Sleep early.)