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Create a plan for your survey about food and drinks preferences using question words and common vocabulary. Use the writing template to organize your survey, and write using complete sentences. Answer for yourself in the yo form of the verb, select a friend to survey and answer in the él/ella form. Complete La plantilla antes de escribir: una encuesta and review your survey for grammar and vocabulary errors. Turn in your completed template.


Create a plan for conducting a survey about food and drink preferences using common vocabulary and question words such as like, have, want, prefer, and use. Utilize the writing template to organize your survey, and answer the questions using complete sentences in the yo form if answering for yourself and él/ella form if surveying a friend. Review your work for correct grammar and vocabulary in Spanish before turning in the completed template.

By creating a survey plan using specific question words and verbs, you can ensure your survey will gather relevant information efficiently. Utilizing the template provided will help you organize your thoughts and questions logically. It is important to write using correct grammar and vocabulary in the Spanish language to ensure the survey's effectiveness. Finally, reviewing your work will help catch any errors before submitting the completed template.