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What is the distance between key 31 and key 33 on the keyboard?

A distance of 2 keys

What two types of literary devices are used in the following passage from Ethan Frome? "Ethan looked at her with loathing. She was no longer the listless creature who had lived at his side in a state of sullen self-absorption, but a mysterious alien presence, an evil energy secreted from the long years of silent brooding." A) Simile and Personification B) Hyperbole and Alliteration C) Onomatopoeia and Metaphor D)Alliteration and Metaphor

Metaphor and Personification

What is the reason for many Chinese people to use terms like 'brother and sister' when addressing close friends and relatives?

As a sign of respect because of the importance of families.

Is it necessary for a news to present facts accurately and clearly?


Pagawa po ako nagpapahayag ng pagpapatawad, pasasalamat at pagmammahal sa iyong magulang o tagapag-alaga na gumabay sa iyo sa loob ng tahanan habang nasa new normal learning distance education. kailangang makabuo ng tula na may sukat at tugma, 5-6 saknong at bawat saknong ay may tig 5 na taludtod.

Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love Dear mom and dad, I owe you so much For guiding me through distance education's clutch You've given me wings to fly, a foundation so strong Forgiveness, I seek for times when I've gone wrong With every hour and every day Your unwavering love shows me the way You stand by my side, through thick and thin, In gratitude, my heart sings of kin Through these days of uncertainty and change Your love has guided my soul, a heart so strange Thank you for all the patience, the care, and smiles My heart speaks deep, and words, short for miles Time and again, I look in your eyes, Can't help feeling blessed, with a family so wise For you, I'll spread my wings and fly Knowing in love, with you, goodbye is never a real goodbye.

What are the components of communication as described by a teacher giving a lecture to their students?

The components of communication in this context would be the sender (emisor), receiver (receptor), message (mensaje), code (codigo), channel (canal), and context (contexto).

Inalienable in a sentence

Freedom of speech is an inalienable right in many democracies.

What is the advice provided in the conversation between Polonius, Ophelia, and bowls regarding Hamlet?


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Sure, thank you for asking. Explanation: To begin with, I would be delighted to explain what this is all about if you are interested. There is absolutely no problem with that.

Provide the definition for the word 'foreboding'.

Foreboding means a feeling that something bad will happen; fearful apprehension.