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Pagawa po ako nagpapahayag ng pagpapatawad, pasasalamat at pagmammahal sa iyong magulang o tagapag-alaga na gumabay sa iyo sa loob ng tahanan habang nasa new normal learning distance education. kailangang makabuo ng tula na may sukat at tugma, 5-6 saknong at bawat saknong ay may tig 5 na taludtod.


Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Love Dear mom and dad, I owe you so much For guiding me through distance education's clutch You've given me wings to fly, a foundation so strong Forgiveness, I seek for times when I've gone wrong With every hour and every day Your unwavering love shows me the way You stand by my side, through thick and thin, In gratitude, my heart sings of kin Through these days of uncertainty and change Your love has guided my soul, a heart so strange Thank you for all the patience, the care, and smiles My heart speaks deep, and words, short for miles Time and again, I look in your eyes, Can't help feeling blessed, with a family so wise For you, I'll spread my wings and fly Knowing in love, with you, goodbye is never a real goodbye.

  • Brainstorm possible ideas and emotions to include in the poem.
  • Organize the ideas into five or six stanzas, deciding on a rhyme scheme and the emotion to focus on in each stanza.
  • Write out the poem, with each line having five syllables, making sure that the syllables flow well.