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you're selling vegetarian sandwiches for $3 each and turkey sandwiches for $4 each. you sell 25 sandwiches for a total of $85. how many vegetarian and how many turkey sandwiches did you sell


{'Vegetarian Sandwiches': 15, 'Turkey Sandwiches': 10}

  • Let V be the number of vegetarian sandwiches and T be the number of turkey sandwiches sold. We have two unknowns, so we need two equations to solve the problem. The first equation is V+T=25, which represents the total number of sandwiches sold. The second equation is 3V+4T=85, which represents the total amount of money earned from selling sandwiches.
  • Using equation 1, we can solve for one variable in terms of the other. V = 25 - T.
  • Substituting the value we obtained for V in equation 2, we can now solve for T. 3(25 - T) + 4T = 85.
  • Simplifying the equation, we get 75 - 3T + 4T = 85.
  • Solving for T, we get T = 10. This means that 10 turkey sandwiches were sold.
  • We can now use the equation V = 25 - T to solve for V. V = 25 - 10.
  • Simplifying, we get V = 15. This means that 15 vegetarian sandwiches were sold.