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A suspension is tested in antiserum without resulting agglutination. however, after 15 minutes of boiling, agglutination occurs in group d antisera. the shigella species is:____.


The Shigella species is a member of group D.

  • Q: What is agglutination? A: Agglutination is the formation of clumps or aggregates of particles when exposed to certain antibodies.
  • Q: What is antiserum? A: Antiserum is blood serum containing antibodies against certain antigens, injected to treat or protect against specific diseases.
  • Q: What is Shigella? A: Shigella is a type of bacteria that causes diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms.
  • Q: Why is the suspension being tested in antiserum? A: The suspension is being tested in antiserum to determine which antibodies are present in it, which can help identify the type of bacteria present.
  • Q: What does the lack of agglutination in the suspension without boiling indicate? A: The lack of agglutination indicates that there are no antibodies in the suspension that are reactive to the specific bacteria being tested for.
  • Q: What does the agglutination in group D antiserum indicate after boiling for 15 minutes? A: The agglutination in group D antiserum after boiling for 15 minutes indicates the presence of specific antibodies in the suspension that are reactive to the Shigella species that belongs to group D.