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All of the following were evidence of state-level Progressivism EXCEPT:a) Prohibition Laws. b) Direct Election. c) Abolition of child labor. d) Increased state spending on education


a) Prohibition Laws.

  • Q: What is state-level Progressivism? A: State-level Progressivism refers to the reforms implemented by states to address social and economic problems at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Q: What is Prohibition Laws? A: Prohibition Laws refers to the laws that banned the sale, production, and consumption of alcohol from 1920-1933.
  • Q: What is Direct Election? A: Direct Election refers to the system in which voters directly elect their representatives.
  • Q: What is Abolition of child labor? A: Abolition of child labor refers to the prohibition of children to work in factories and other hazardous places.
  • Q: What is Increased state spending on education? A: It refers to the increased investment of state funds in the education system to make it accessible to every citizen.
  • Q: Which among the given options is NOT an evidence of state-level Progressivism? A: Prohibition Laws is not an evidence of state-level Progressivism.