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​Toby has been arrested for robbery of a local convenience store, by an officer that pulled up in her patrol car, observed Toby run out of the store carrying a gun and a sack of something that jiggled. She drew her weapon, and yelled at him to stop. He stopped and dropped the weapon. She handcuffed Toby, talked to the store clerk, and called the sergeant on her radio. She then took him to the local police station. After preparing her written report, she drove to the county seat, talked to the prosecutor, and then appeared before the magistrate judge to obtain an arrest warrant. What are the three time frames or stages of criminal procedure in this case?​



  • Q:What is Toby's robbery case procedure? A:Toby was arrested for robbery and the case is going through criminal procedure.
  • Q:What are the stages in criminal procedure? A:The criminal procedure comprises of three stages, which are pre-trial, trial, and post-trial.
  • Q:Which stage(s) does Toby's case fall under? A:Toby's case falls under the pre-trial stage of criminal procedure.