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If you were designing a new insecticide absorbed via the respiratory system in arthropods, the killing chemical would enter the invertebrate through the?


The killing chemical enters the invertebrate through the spiracles on the surface of the body, which open into a network of tracheae where gas exchange occurs.

  • Q:What is the respiratory system in arthropods? A:The respiratory system in arthropods consists of spiracles on the surface of the body that open into a network of tracheae.
  • Q:How do these spiracles work? A:Spiracles are tiny holes on the surface of the arthropod body that lead to the tracheal system, where gas exchange occurs. Tracheae are the respiratory tubes in insects which carry air to all parts of the body.
  • Q:How does the killing chemical enter the invertebrate? A:The killing chemical is absorbed when the arthropod breathes in, through the spiracles and into the tracheal system.