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A recipe book shows measurement conversions for tablespoons to cups. It shows that 8 tablespoons converts to 0.5 cup and 24 tablespoons converts to 1.5 cups. Write an equation that shows the proportional relationship between cups and tablespoons where c represents cups and n represents tablespoons.


c = 0.0625n

  • Q: What is the formula for proportional relationship? A: The formula for proportional relationship is y = kx.
  • Q: What does each variable represent in the formula? A: y is the dependent variable, x is the independent variable, k is the constant of proportionality.
  • Q: What are the given values for y and x in this problem? A: For y, 0.5 cups and 1.5 cups are given. For x, 8 tablespoons and 24 tablespoons are given.
  • Q: How can we find the value of k in this problem? A: We can use the given values to find k. For the first set of values, 0.5 = k(8), which gives us k = 0.0625. For the second set of values, 1.5 = k(24), which gives us k = 0.0625.
  • Q: What is the final equation representing the proportional relationship between cups and tablespoons? A: c = 0.0625n