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11. A cable company charges $24.95 a month for basic service and $6.94 a month for each additional channel. If the Kelly's monthly bill is $45.80, how many premium channels are they receiving? 24.95+6.94x=45.80 x=3 12. You would like to order tulips for your garden. Through a catalog, you can purchase them for $0.75 each, plus a $3.00 shipping fee. If your budget is $15, how many bulbs can you order?


16 bulbs

  • Q: What is the cost of each tulip? A: Each tulip costs $0.75.
  • Q:What is the total cost of the bulbs if the budget is $15? A: Total cost of the bulbs is $15 - $3 = $12.
  • Q: How many bulbs can be purchased with a total cost of $12? A: Number of bulbs can be calculated as follows: $0.75x = $12, x = 16.