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Technology: A Gateway to Learning For the last 30 years, technology companies have started partnering with schools to help students acquire important skills to become critical thinkers, skilled communicators, collaborators, and problem solvers. Even presidents have signed off on new laws and initiatives to promote the use of technology in schools to ensure students are equipped to not only be successful on assessments but in a competitive global market as well. Students today live in a technology-driven world. Some educators call technology a distraction. Some school leaders say that technology is too expensive. However, it is important for schools to evolve and mirror the world students live in. Technology is beneficial in schools because it improves academic performance and increases student engagement. select the correct answer read the introductory paragraph of an argument. What type of claim is the author making ? A. Cause claim B. Policy claim C. Value claim D. Fact claim


C. Value claim

  • Read and understand the question.
  • Identify the correct answer option by analyzing the claim made in the introductory paragraph.