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Your little sister (mass 25 kg) is sitting in her little red wagon (mass 8.5 kg) at rest. You begin pulling her forward, accelerating her with a constant force for 2.35 s to a speed of 1.8 m/s. Calculate the impulse you imparted to the wagon and its passenger.


122.53 Ns

  • Find the net force applied on the wagon taking into account the masses and acceleration. A: F_net = (m_sister + m_wagon) * a = (25kg + 8.5kg) * (1.8m/s^2) = 52.15N.
  • Find the impulse imparted on the wagon and its passenger using the formula J = F_net * t. A: J = (52.15N) * (2.35s) = 122.53 Ns.