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1 a) Using VLSM, give a scheme to divide a class C into four subnets where the required host numbers are: 100, 55, 20, 30. can VLSM be used? Explain the answer. (b) If the numbers of required hosts are 100, 50, 50, and 20, can VSLM be used? Explain the answer​


(a) {'Subnet-1': '', 'Subnet-2': '', 'Subnet-3': '', 'Subnet-4': ''}; (b) VSLM cannot be used.

  • Check if VLSM can be used for both cases
  • For (a) VLSM can be used. Create a subnet for each requirement starting from the largest number of required hosts.
  • For (b) VSLM cannot be used. Because the second and the third subnets require same number of hosts. Therefore two /25 subnets will be needed. But a Class C network only has one /24 subnet.