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6. A pencil cell is allowed to roll down an inclined plane. It then moves down a horizontal surface (i) covered with a cloth (ii) covered with a glass sheet (iii) covered with sand On which surface will the cell move the longest distance? (b) cloth (a) Sand (c) Glass sheet (d) Same distance on sand, cloth and glass


Glass sheet

  • Q: What are the factors that affect the distance covered by the pencil cell? A: The factors that affect the distance covered by the pencil cell are the inclination of the plane and the surface covering the horizontal stretch.
  • Q: What is the surface area of the cloth, glass sheet, and sand? A: Without knowing the surface area of each, it is impossible to determine the answer. Assuming the surface area is equal on all three surfaces, the cell will cover the longest distance on the surface with the least friction.
  • Q: Which surface has the least friction? A: The surface with the least friction will be glass sheet, since it will have the smoothest surface compared to cloth and sand.