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Minion fighter planes are launched from aircraft carriers with the aid of their own engines and a catapult. if in the process of being launched from rest, the thrust of a jet's engines is 2.10 105 n and after moving a distance of 90 m the plane lifts off with a kinetic energy of 4.70 107 j, what is the work done (in j) on the jet by the catapult?


4.70 x 10^7 J

  • Using the work-energy theorem, we can find the work done by the catapult by finding the difference between the plane's final kinetic energy and its initial kinetic energy. W = Kf - Ki.
  • The plane starts from rest, so its initial kinetic energy is zero. Ki = 0.
  • The final kinetic energy of the plane is 4.70 x 10^7 J. Kf = 4.70 x 10^7 J.
  • To find the work done by the catapult, we substitute the given values into the work-energy theorem equation. W = Kf - Ki = 4.70 x 10^7 J - 0 = 4.70 x 10^7 J.