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Arrange the ions from largest to smallest. Se^2-, Sr^2+, As^3-, Br^-, Rb^+


Sr^2+ Rb^+ Br^- Se^2- As^3-

  • Q: What is the charge of each ion? A: Se^2- has a charge of -2, Sr^2+ has a charge of +2, As^3- has a charge of -3, Br^- has a charge of -1, Rb^+ has a charge of +1.
  • Q: What is the size of each ion? A: The ionic size depends on the number of electrons and the effective nuclear charge. Generally, ions with more electrons will be larger, and ions with higher effective nuclear charge will be smaller. The ionic sizes in this case will be Sr^2+ < Rb^+ < Br^- < Se^2- < As^3-.