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Which of the following has a descriptive setting that creates an atmosphere? A. George’s house was incredibly organized. George’s car was incredibly organized. George’s office was, you guessed it, incredibly organized. George felt that whenever anything was out of place, his life would be out of place. B. My favorite place in the world is my grandma’s house. Why? Because my grandma lives there of course. And because she cooks all the time and her house is always full of the smell of fresh baked something. Also, she is the sweetest woman in the world. Her living room is full of knick-knacks and yarn, since she is always knitting sweaters. She is the greatest and I love her so much. C. The white padded cell was meant to hold the insane, but to be honest it could drive someone insane. The white walls reflected the light, so it never seemed to get dark enough for sleep. The fan in the cell makes a horrible noise and if that does not get you, the constant dripping water will. It is truly a horrible place. D. Crime in this city is on the rise. We have had five reports of arson in the past year. Some were gang related while others seemed to have been done for no reason. This town needs a defender. That defender is me.


Option B, because it has a clear setting and descriptions that evoke an emotional response.

  • Q: What is option A? A: Option A describes George’s organized house, car, and office.
  • Q: What is option B? A: Option B is a description of the author's grandma’s house with the smell of fresh baked goods, and it is full of knick-knacks and yarn.
  • Q: What is option C? A: Option C describes a white padded cell meant for insane people. There is constant noise from a fan and dripping water.
  • Q: What is option D? A: Option D is a description of a city with an increasing crime rate and the need for a defender.