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video question: if you could meet any famous person for dinner (dead or alive), who would you pick and where would you go to eat? explain why in a 30-60 second video.


Please refer to the four steps listed above for guidance on guiding students through math problems.

  • Q: What specific problem is the student struggling with? A: It's important to identify the specific problem that the student is having trouble with.
  • Q: What strategies has the student tried so far? A: It's important to know what strategies the student has already used so that you can suggest something new.
  • Q: Have you modeled a similar problem and walked the student through it step-by-step? A: Sometimes modeling how to solve similar problems can help the student see the steps they need to take to solve their own problem.
  • Q: Can you suggest breaking the problem down into smaller parts? A: Sometimes separating the problem into smaller parts makes it less overwhelming and easier to solve.