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41 Ivan has just opened a small coffee shop. He paid a copy store 50.10 percopy to make 1,428 copies of the flyer to announce the opening of the shop an is having 14 distribute all 1 428 flyers, and he is paying them 50.25 tot sath Syer shey der He suure each friend the same number of flyers What is the total amount Ivan is paying each friend to disor Show your work Answers



  • Q: How many friends is Ivan paying to distribute the flyers? A: Ivan is paying 14 friends to distribute the flyers.
  • Q: How many flyers is each friend distributing? A: Each friend is distributing the same number of flyers. Let's call this number 'x'. We know that 14 friends are distributing a total of 1,428 flyers, so: 14x = 1,428. Solving for x: x = 102.
  • Q: How much is Ivan paying each friend? A: Ivan is paying each friend 50.25 to distribute x flyers per friend. Using x = 102 from step 2, Ivan is paying each friend 50.25*102 = 5131.50.