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Designing a sales presentation for a new product line is an example of which of these? Multiple Choice a. marketing plan b. marketing tactic c. business plan d. marketing strategy e. objective


b. marketing tactic

  • Q: What is a sales presentation? A: A sales presentation refers to the presentation or proposal made by a salesman or a company to a potential buyer or client to persuade them to purchase their product or services.
  • Q: What is a marketing plan? A: A marketing plan refers to a document that outlines a company's overall marketing strategy and the specific tactics, such as advertising and promotion, that will be used to achieve the company's marketing goals.
  • Q: What is a marketing tactic? A: A marketing tactic refers to a specific action or strategy used to achieve a specific marketing goal. For example, an email campaign or a social media ad.
  • Q: What is a business plan? A: A business plan is a document that describes a company's goals and strategies, as well as its approach to managing finances, operations, and employees.
  • Q: What is a marketing strategy? A: A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines a company's overall approach to marketing, including its target market, competition, and resources.