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4.4 Adjectives (2) a funny b kind 3 Dopasuj zdania 1-5 do przymiotników a-e. 0 She's got a lot of friends. Everyone likes her. f 1 She does a lot of exercise and she can lift heavy things. 2 She doesn't like it when people are sad. She's always nice to everyone. She's got great hair and a great face. People like looking at her. 4 She tells good jokes. 5 She's got fantastic marks at school and she's good at Maths and Science. c intelligent d beautiful 3 e strong f friendly​


1-c, 2-f, 3-d, 4-a, 5-e.

  • Q: What are the adjectives? A: a) funny b) kind, c) intelligent, d) beautiful, e) strong, f) friendly.
  • Q: Match the sentences with their corresponding adjectives. A: 1-c, 2-f, 3-d, 4-a, 5-e.