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Computers are used to input, store, process, find and share vast amounts of data and information, and they can do so in fractions of a second. Discuss the concept of abstraction and abstract data types on computer programming


Abstract data types and abstraction are important concepts in computer programming that help to create organized, reusable, and maintainable code by hiding implementation details and making programming languages easier to learn and use.

  • Q: What is abstraction? A: Abstraction refers to the ability of a programming language to hide certain implementation details and only show the necessary functionality to the user.
  • Q: What are abstract data types? A: Abstract data types(ADTs) are data types which are defined by the user, and as we know, data types are used to store data values. However, the user does not know the inner workings of this data type.
  • Q:What are the advantages of using abstraction and abstract data type? A: The advantages of using abstraction and abstract data types are: 1. They help you to develop more organized and maintainable code. 2.They help in the creation of reusable code. 3. They help to hide implementation details of a program. 4. They make the programming language easier to learn and use.