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A kid goes to the store, buying 15 candy bars, comes back out of the store. He saw 4 of his friends. He gives candy bars, but how much candy bars does he gives to his friends?



  • Q:How many candy bars did the kid take home? A:The kid took home 15 candy bars.
  • Q:How many friends did the kid see? A:The kid saw 4 friends.
  • Q:How many candy bars did the kid give to each friend? A:The kid gave the same amount of candy bars to each friend.
  • Q:What is the formula to find out how many candy bars each friend got? A:Divide the total number of candy bars by the number of friends
  • Q:How many candy bars did each friend get? A:Each friend got 3.75 candy bars. (15 / 4 = 3.75)