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n a well-developed paragraph, discuss TWO REASONS why FARMING was important to Ancient Egypt (40 points) VOCABULARY: (USE 2 OR MORE):  Inundation;  Harvest;  Plough;  Reservoir;  Nile River;  Delta;  Silt


Two reasons why farming was important to Ancient Egypt were the Nile River's inundation, which deposited silt onto the land, making it ideal for farming, and the use of ploughs, reservoirs, and harvesting techniques that allowed for more effective and sustainable farming practices.

  • Q: What is the Nile River and why is it important to farming? A: The Nile River is the longest river in the world and was important to farming in Ancient Egypt because of the inundation, or flooding, it caused each year. This flooding deposited silt, or rich soil, onto the land, which made it ideal for farming.
  • Q: What other factors contributed to the importance of farming in Ancient Egypt? A: Another important factor in Ancient Egyptian farming was the use of ploughs, which allowed farmers to cultivate the soil more effectively. In addition, reservoirs were used to store water for irrigation during times of drought. This allowed farmers to continue to farm even during times of low water availability. The harvest was also an important time of year, as it allowed farmers to collect the crops they had grown and prepare for the upcoming year.