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What is the connection between the story of Aeneas and the older tradition of Romulus, according to Virgil in the Aeneid?


Virgil connects the story of Aeneas to the older tradition of Romulus by portraying Aeneas as a descendant of Venus and Romulus as a descendant of Mars. This creates a link between the gods and the founders of Rome, establishing Aeneas and his followers as predecessors to Romulus and his followers.

Aeneas is portrayed as a hero who embodies the values of the Trojan people, such as piety, courage, and devotion, which are also fundamental to Roman culture. Additionally, Virgil presents Aeneas as the founder of an empire in Italy, which sets him up as a precursor to Romulus and the founding of Rome. By connecting Aeneas' lineage to Venus and Romulus' lineage to Mars, Virgil establishes a divine link between the two figures and their respective legacies.