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What is the general history of the Russian Core region in European Regions Research?


The Russian Core region in European Regions Research has a long history, starting with the establishment of the Kievan Rus in the 9th century. Over the centuries, it went through various political changes, including the Mongol invasion, the rise of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and the formation of the Russian Empire. During the Soviet era, the region saw significant industrialization and urbanization. After the collapse of the USSR, it became part of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Core region is a geographical and historical region of Russia. It encompasses the central and eastern parts of the country, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. Its history is closely tied to that of Russia as a whole, as it has always been at the center of political, economic, and cultural life. The region has seen significant changes over time, both in terms of its borders and its internal development. Its current status within the Russian Federation is that of a federal district, which includes several regions and autonomous republics. The region remains an important economic and cultural center of Russia.