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How did the issue of slavers affect the debate on representation at the constitutional convention


"The impact of slavery on the Constitutional Convention's discussions regarding representation cannot be overstated. Both regions understood that the way in which enslaved persons were counted would have a substantial effect on their representation. As for the Constitutional Convention itself, it was a formal gathering convened in 1787 for the purpose of drafting the United States Constitution, which remains the nation's fundamental law. The Convention's objective was to create a government with sufficient power to operate on a national scale while also ensuring that it did not infringe on basic rights. During the discussions, a range of topics were addressed, including the slave trade, a bill of rights, representation in Congress, the president's powers, the Electoral College, and how to elect the president. As for the question of how slavery impacted the representation debate, option A is correct, as both regions recognized that the counting of enslaved individuals would significantly affect their representation."