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Planning involves ________. multiple choice hiring employees setting goals and objectives analyzing financial statements coordinating company activities


Now class, planning is the act of setting goals and objectives. It involves thinking carefully about the necessary steps required to achieve those goals. This process is based on foresight, which is the ability to mentally anticipate the future. Research suggests that planning has been part of human evolution for many years. Before beginning a task, planning involves making crucial decisions about how it will be accomplished. It is crucial to plan for a trip and the planning process for a new system is currently underway. In management, planning involves determining the steps needed to achieve our objectives, forecasting changes and obstacles, and finding the best ways to utilize resources and opportunities to achieve our desired outcomes. Planning helps us to precisely define our objectives and make clear, specific decisions about how to have a positive impact on society. By involving everyone in the planning process, we can ensure that we all understand our goal and what must be done to achieve it. To learn more about planning, visit brainly.com/question/25453419 #SPJ4.