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The skin covered cartilaginous structure that funnels sound into the acoustic meatus.


Now class, let's discuss the auricle. This structure is the visible part of the outer ear, also known as the pinna. It plays an important role in receiving sound waves, which are then directed to be amplified by the external auditory meatus. And speaking of the ears, did you know that they, along with other body parts such as the nose, are made up of a robust and elastic connective tissue called cartilage? It serves to protect our bones and joints. Interestingly, all mammals share the same anatomy in their external auditory canal, which appears as a slightly curved tube that runs inward from the floor of the auricle and stops at the eardrum membrane separating it from the middle ear. For further information on cartilage, please refer to the link provided: brainly.com/question/15455830 #SPJ1