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-Ready counters Practice: Division Word Problems with Remainders-Quiz - Level D Moses volunteers at an animal shelter with 4 dogs. He has 14 dog treats. He gives each dog the same number of treats, and he gives as many treats as he can. How many treats does Moses give each dog? How many treats are left? X


Through the utilization of the division method, it has been determined that Moses is left with two dog treats subsequent to providing three dog treats for each of the four dogs. Division refers to one of the four fundamental mathematical operations, which also include addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Division involves the process of allocating a larger group into smaller ones so that each group contains an equal number of items. The number of dogs that Moses volunteers with is denoted as x = 4, while the number of dog treats that Moses has is represented by y = 14. The quantity of dog treats that Moses gives to each dog is categorized as a. As such, the division method is employed to determine the value for a. This yields a = y/x, or a = 14/4, converting to a = 3(2/4). Here, the quotient equates to 3, while the remainder is 2. Thus, for each dog, Moses can offer three dog treats, while two remain. For further information regarding division, please refer to the following link: brainly.com/question/28119824 #SPJ1