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Lenny received a $50 gift card to his favorite ice cream shop. Each week, he uses that gift card to buy an ice cream cone that costs $5. Write an equation to represent the amount of money on the gift card, y, after x weeks. How many weeks will it take him to finish the money?


Well class, let's take a look at this mathematical expression. We have here an equation that represents the amount of money on a gift card, y, and it goes like this: y equals 50 minus 5 times x. Now, suppose we know that Lenny spends $5 each week on ice cream and he was given a $50 gift card to his favorite ice cream shop. How can we use this information to illustrate the situation? Well, by applying our equation we can find out how much money he has left on the card after x weeks. So, using y equals 50 minus 5x we can write: y equals 50 minus 5 times the number of weeks, x. Therefore, to find out how many weeks it will take Lenny to finish the money on his card, we need to solve the equation 50 minus 5x equals 0. By doing so, we get 5x equals to 50, which means x equals 10. Hence, it will take him 10 weeks to spend all his money on ice cream. For more information on expressions, please visit brainly.com/question/723406.