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Which of the options is not a general requirement for complex multicellular life?


It is imperative that cells maintain a comprehensive range of functionalities, which incorporates reproduction. This is not simply a random specification for complex multicellular life. The creation of a multicellular organism necessitates four key processes: cell motility, cell contact, cell specialization, and cell proliferation. In a developing embryo, all of these processes operate concurrently in a multitude of distinct ways throughout the entire body. Complex multicellular organisms exhibit evidence of intercellular communication, cell-cell adhesion, and frequently, tissue development regulated by gene networks. Several taxa experience deliberate cell death, but unplanned cell or tissue loss can be deadly, with metazoans being more susceptible than other species possessing permanent stem cells. Hence, there is a need for other options apart from a to ensure complex multicellular life. Find out more about complex multicellular life here: brainly.com/question/11801282 #SPJ4 DISCLAIMER Which among the alternatives is not a general prerequisite for complex multicellular life? a. Cells must retain a full range of functions, including reproduction. b. Cells must adhere to each other. c. Cells must communicate with one another. d. Cells must participate in a network of genetic interactions that regulate cell division. e. All of these options are requirements for complex, multicellular life. Learn more about complex multicellular life here: brainly.com/question/11801282 #SPJ4