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pyramid q has a rectangular base and a volume of 96 cubic inches. pyramid r has a rectanglular base that is one-half the base area of pyramid q and a height that is 3 times the height of pyramid q. what is the volume of pyramid r?


Ok, today we're going to talk about Pyramids. We have two pyramids here, Pyramid q and Pyramid r. Pyramid q has a rectangular base and the volume is 96 cubic inches. Pyramid r also has a rectangular base, but it's only half the base area of Pyramid q. The height of Pyramid r is three times the height of Pyramid q. We want to find the volume of Pyramid r. Now, let's use the volume formula for a pyramid. We know that the volume of Pyramid q, V1, is equal to A1 x h1, which equals 96 cubic inches. We also know that the base area of Pyramid q, A1, is equal to 96/h1. The volume of Pyramid r, V2, is equal to 1/3 x A2 x h2, where A2 is half of A1, and h2 is three times h1. After some calculations, we find that V2 is equal to 48 cubic inches. So there you have it, the volume of Pyramid r is 48 cu. inches. Want to learn more about the volume of pyramids? Check out brainly.com/question/12446815 #SPJ4.