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you perform a clean install of windows 10 to the same partition as an existing windows xp installation. which directory will contain the contents of the original windows directory?


The most common file system for individuals using Windows on their computers is presently NTFS, also known as the New Technology File System. This system was first introduced in 1993 alongside Windows NT, and it is now widely used in most Windows Server operating systems. What is the Windows 10 feature that enables users to store encrypted files on NTFS partitions? Version 3.0 of NTFS brought the Encrypting File System or EFS, a technology that facilitates file system-level encryption specifically for Microsoft Windows. This tool makes it possible to encrypt files in a seamless and transparent manner, which keeps confidential information safe from possible attacks executed by hackers who have physical access to the machine. The OS assigns a unique system or security identity (SID) for each specific computer once Windows is installed, allowing the creation of a disk image of the initial installation and using it as a template for multiple other computers in the company. Another way to secure data is through Bitlocker encryption on eligible devices running Windows 10 or 11 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. To open the File Explorer, click on Win + E, then right-click on the file or folder and select Properties. In the following window, click on the Advanced button and check the Encrypt contents to safeguard data box before clicking OK. If your hard drive fails, running the System Image Recovery tool from the Recovery Drive will allow you to restore Windows 10. To learn more about NTFS, check out: brainly.com/question/13630408 #SPJ4