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what is the new one-year forward price for intel? (deliverable does not include dividends paid over the life of the contract)


The prevailing belief among market participants is that Intel will refrain from distributing dividends this year. Within the span of a year, interested parties would need to meet a certain price point to acquire even a single share of Intel stock. What factors go into establishing this one-year forward price? Well, it comprises the spot price subtracted by the carry. In order to establish the future value of dividends on a particular asset - be it coupons from securities, rental income from properties, crop yields, and so on; experts rely on the risk-free rate of interest. One-year forward rates for zero-coupon bonds with varying maturity periods have already been disclosed. For instance, the indicative rate for a two-year bond's one-year forward percentage is referred to as 1y1y. To learn more about prices, we recommend you visit brainly.com/question/19091385 #SPJ4.