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3. Complete the blank spaces using the verbs given in brackets. a. I work for a company that printers. (make) b. This photo of her on holiday last year. (take) c. I. d. I e. When I visited her she f. Janet her since 2008. (not see) the newspaper every morning. (read) bed-ridden for six months. (be) home. (go) many awards for her contribution to classical music. (win) g. She h. The boys were playing games when it i. How long. j. We k. Since 2011 they. 1. After Larry you each other for a long time. (know) raining. (start) a social activist? (be) their son every year. (visit) the film on TV, he decided to buy the book. (see)


a) What does "a" do? b) What happened to "b"? c) Has "c" seen it? d) Has "d" read it? e) Who have been there? f) Who won? g) What is "g" doing? h) When did it start? i) Do you "i" the answer? j) When did you last "j"? k) Who has "k" it? Explanation: a) What is the action performed by "a"? b) What is the past event that has affected "b"? c) Has "c" had the opportunity to visually perceive it? d) Has "d" read the written material? e) Which individuals have physically been present at that location? f) Who was the victorious participant? g) What is the current activity/task being undertaken by "g"? h) What is the specific starting time or date? i) Are you acquainted with the answer to this question? j) What was the date of your most recent visit? k) Who has had a previous encounter with it?