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Cassandra feels strongly that cannabis is harmful and should always be avoided. As a result, cassandra looks for articles that highlight the problems associated with cannabis use, and only follows social media accounts that post about the dangers of cannabis use. Cassandra ignores all articles she sees, and conversations she hears, about the benefits of cannabis use. What is this an example of?.


This is a clear example of confirmation bias exhibited by Cassandra, who chooses to disregard all articles and conversations that extol the advantages of cannabis use. Confirmation bias refers to the tendency to interpret or seek out information that aligns with one's preexisting notions. This biased approach to decision-making is often unintentional and results in the rejection of data that contradicts one's established views. Such views can include one's expectations for a specific situation and predictions about a specific outcome. When the issue at hand is significant or directly affects them, individuals are more inclined to construe facts in a manner that supports their own ideas. For more information on confirmation bias, please visit brainly.com/question/28373064 #SPJ4.