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en un zoológico hay aves (de dos patas) y bestias (de cuatro patas). si el zoológico contiene 60 cabezas y 200 patas, ¿cuántas aves y bestias viven en él?


This is a classic problem in linear algebra that can be solved using a system of linear equations. If we define "a" as the number of birds and "b" as the number of beasts, then we can set up the following equations: a + b = 60 (since the total number of animals is 60) 2a + 4b = 200 (since the total number of legs is 200) There are various ways to solve this system of equations, but here is an example of how to do it using the substitution method: Solve for "a" in the first equation: a = 60 - b Substitute "a" into the second equation: 2(60 - b) + 4b = 200 Solve for "b": 120 - 2b + 4b = 200 2b = 80 b = 40 Substitute "b" into the first equation to find "a": a + 40 = 60 a = 20 Therefore, there are 20 birds and 40 beasts in the zoo. Learn more about linear algebra here: brainly.com/question/26717523 #SPJ11