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natalie's company has its headquarters in chicago and three areas of the world -- the far east, latin america, and europe. her company is an example of the blank area structure. multiple choice question. local worldwide product localization


By utilizing more advanced data, our economic research has been able to expand and provide fresh perspectives on how businesses and nations interact within their network of flows. Initially, when Meredith founded her company, it was logical to divide it into three distinct departments: manufacturing, marketing, and transportation. However, as her company has grown, she now believes it would be beneficial to restructure it so that each department is responsible for a particular area of business. Businesses can achieve economies of scale by utilizing three main resources: purchasing in bulk through long-term contracts, specializing managers, and obtaining lower interest rates when borrowing from banks, as well as access to a wide range of financial instruments. For more information on Natalie's company, you may visit brainly.com/question/28943995 #SPJ4.