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What conclusion can be drawn from the collapse of the western roman empire and the end of the han dynasty in china?.


The migration of nomadic groups to northern China was a consequence of the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire and the conclusion of the Han dynasty in China. Despite the collapse of the Han Dynasty in 220 CE, no ruler was able to effectively reunite China under a single authority. As a result, the period of the Three Kingdoms began, lasting until 280 CE when the Jin Dynasty came into power. These three kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu, engaged in prolonged and violent conflicts for supremacy. The fall of Rome marked the end of an illustrious era, and the world entered a long period of uncertainty. Although the West suffered severe upheaval, western civilization remains indebted to the Romans for many of its achievements. For more information on the Roman Empire, visit brainly.com/question/1892495 #SPJ4.