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Solve for n. n + 1 = 4(n – 8) i will give a brainliest


Okay class, let's have a look at this equation. We have n plus 1 equals 4 times n minus 8. To solve for n, we need to isolate it on one side of the equation. So, let's simplify the right side by multiplying 4 with n and 4 with -8. This gives us n plus 1 equals 4n minus 32. Now, we want to get all the n terms on one side and all the constants on the other. So, let's move the n term to the left side by subtracting 4n from both sides of the equation. This gives us n minus 4n plus 1 equals -32. Simplifying further, we get -3n plus 1 equals -32. Let's move the constant term to the right side by subtracting 1 from both sides. This gives us -3n equals -33. Finally, we can solve for n by dividing both sides by -3. Therefore, n equals 11. Well done!