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Which sentence from the story most clearky suggest that Tara views her situation as some what absurd


"They have the ability to turn their current situation into a delightful picnic, as they have come well-prepared with ample provisions." This sentence from the story reveals Tara's perception of the situation as somewhat ridiculous. Concerning the definition of a story, it refers to a type of representation, as it is an account, either spoken or written, of an event. Narration encompasses both the act of telling a narrative and its final outcome- a story, according to the conventional English sense. Narrativity comprises all the attributes that classify an action as narrating. This includes evaluating events in relation to time and space, or establishing this temporal framework initially, and also ascertaining that the act of narrating itself is what bestows significance upon the narrative's subject matter. You can discover more about the story by visiting brainly.com/question/29796591 #SPJ1